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Style Algorithms

Once your initial data has been generated you can begin applying various Style Algorithms in order to craft whatever æsthetic experience you want.

Below are the various style algorithms that have been implemented. Click on them for longer descriptions with actual examples.


Simple Melody: A simple melody that demonstrates many of the features available in the Platonic Music Engine.

Bel Canto: Take an angular melody and try to smooth it out.

Serialism: Apply various serial techniques to generate a melody.

Praeludium I: A simple translation of Bach's Praeludium I in C-Major from The Well-Tempered Clavier

Platonic Score: Electronic music using the full range of the PME’s capabilities.

The following are works I wrote for the Platonic Music Engine.

Musical Mesostics: A musical analogue of John Cage’s mesostic method for generating poetry.

One Note: One note averaged from many played using a tuning built using any number of divisions of an octave.

Visual Art

Mondrian Compositions: Digital painting based on Piet Mondrian’s geometric works like his various Compositions.

Malevich Suprematism: Works based on the geometric paintings of Kazimir Malevich.

Album primo avrilesque: Paintings and music based on Alphonse Allais’s Album primo avrilesque.

Duchamp’s mustache on the Mona Lisa: Marcel Duchamp drew a mustache on a post card of the Mona Lisa. This is our version of that iconic moment.

Hilma af Klint Swan paintings: Paintings based on Hilma af Klint’s Swan paintings 16 and 17.


Mesostic: Mesostic generator based on John Cage’s approach to creating poetry by writing through source texts.

Gertrude Stein Poetry: Poetry generator inspired by Gertrude Stein.


Tarot: Generate Tarot card spreads with multiple decks.

I Ching: I Ching generator using various methods.

Runes: Simulate the tossing of Runes.

Talking Board: Talking board with several different designs.


D&D Character Sheet: Dungeons & Dragons character sheets for the d20 system and the 5e rules.

D&D Dice: Dungeons & Dragons dice rolling app.

Illustrated Story

Runaway Pancake: Illustrated version of the classic fairy tale.

[many more to come ...]

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