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Here are various blog posts I've written on the Platonic Music Engine.

29 Mar 2019 Official announcement for the Heraclitus release

14 Sep 2017 Official announcement for the Xenophanes release

12 Sep 2017 Microtonal support in the PME demo playing Row Row Row Your Boat in a variety of tunings.

5 Dec 2016 Part 2 of a long explanation of the PME for /r/musictheory.

20 Nov 2016 Part 1 of a long explanation of the PME for /r/musictheory.

24 Nov 2016 Official announcement for the Pythagoras release

10 Nov 2016 Platonic Score and its variations on Metafilter.

3 Mar 2016 Musical Mesostic as Generated by the Platonic Music Engine on Metafilter.

13 Sep 2015 First Annual Report on the Platonic Music Engine

3 Apr 2015 Guest blog post on the semi-official Lilypond blog.

6 Apr 2015 Why I Chose Lua for the Platonic Music Engine or the Battle of Five Languages

11 Jan 2015 The Platonic Music Engine has a logo!

18 Nov 2014 Introducing the Platonic Music Engine.

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