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This project is my life. I am devoting every single minute to it. As a result I have no income other than what I receive via donations. If you think this project is cool, if you know me personally and think I'm an alright kinda guy, or just want to support the arts in general, then please consider donating money.

My needs are simple. The smallest donations, especially recurring monthly donations, can quickly add up and provide me a place to stay. But any donation you can handle (even if just a one-time donation of $2) will help me buy shoes or bandwidth or any variety of things which I need to keep this project moving forward.

You can now buy nifty coffee mugs and buttons with the PME logo boldly emblazoned! Just check out my Cafepress store!

Another option is a gift card for a coffee house—it’s a nice break to go to a coffee house for my daily internet connection instead of the library. For most of you sending me a Starbucks gift card through email will be the best option. If you live in the area then a card for Woods Coffee or any of the independent shops around would be even better.

Below is my PayPal link:

Thanks! And be assured, I will be forever grateful!

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