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Audio for this style algorithm.

Voice part of the sheet music.

Accompaniment part of the sheet music.

This style algorithm is an adaptation of the a work originally composed by Michael Collins called Lex.

The process of taking existing works by living composers and adapting them to the PME is one that excites me greatly. I am very honored and pleased that Mr. Collins would allow me to adapt his works in this manner.

Mr. Collins tends to only compose songs (works with vocal parts). This proved a challenge to the PME and required a lot of work to adapt it. In this version you can see the vocal part and the accompaniment printed out separately (that’s the only way it can be done at the moment) while the audio file combines both parts (the voice is just computer generated “Ah”s since I don’t have access to a live vocalist or recording equipment).

Mr. Collins’s music often combines linguistics, religion, and numerology in very interesting, surprising, and ingenious ways. This work combines the Our Father prayer in Greek, musical intervals based on the syllables of that name, and a phonemic palindrome for the lyrics. All of these ideas were adapted in various ways to make sense for use in the PME.

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